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Straight Between The Eyes (1982)

Текст песни с переводом слов Rainbow «Miss Mistreated» из альбома «Straight Between The Eyes» (1982).

Miss Mistreated

I know you been runnin' around
I know what you been sayin'
I treat you wrong, keep lettin' you down
I'm not giving what I'm taking
So hurt... Deep inside
You say there's nothin' to it
But my eyes are open wide
And I don't know why you do it
You say I cheated, you say that I lied
People tell ya I'm taking you for a ride
Oh but baby they lied...
Give you my love, I'll give you all of my time
Just to keep you satisfied
It's never enough until it's over the line
So you're livin' on the wild side
Undercover lovers late at night
Won't take the pain away...
Two wrongs don't make a right
But you wanna make me pay
I know, love can be real
You're not the only one whose got a bad deal
I know just how you feel, oh yeah
Miss Mistreated... whose mistreatin' who...
You think it's me... I think it's you... yes I do
Miss Mistreated... }x4 times

I wanna know... love can be real
You're not the only one whose got a bad deal
I know how you feel... ooh
Miss Mistreated... whose mistreatin' who...

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