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Bent Out Of Shape (1983)

Текст песни с переводом слов Rainbow «Desperate Heart» из альбома «Bent Out Of Shape» (1983).

Desperate Heart

Yesterday you were here by my side
Nothing to prove and nothing left to hide
You promised me the would be no goodbye
But now I find another set of lies
Babe you must be crazy
How could you be so blind
Why would you deceive me
Now you're saying that you're leaving me behind
So strong I'm not gonna run away
want you to know that I'm gonna break through
How long can I go on this way
There's nothing can I do

Desperate heart think you better hold out
Turn apart I was left to bleed
Don't start feeling you were sold out
Now you better face reality

Did my best did the best that I could
It's all been wanted just misunderstood
You been on talking
Your words are sounding so smoothe
Why don't you say it
You just want to out me loose
Oh don't say that you love me
Don't want to hear that you tried
Oh don't tell me that you need me
Don't want to hear none of your alibis
So strong I'm not gonna run away
Want you to know I'm gonna break through
How long can I go on this way

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