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Black In Mind (1995)

Текст песни с переводом слов Rage «In A Nameless Time» из альбома «Black In Mind» (1995).

In A Nameless Time

(10:11)(Music by P. Wagner, S. Efthimiadis, C. Efthimiadis, S. Fischer)(Lyrics by P. Wagner)
1. The mysterium
Awakening this curse was the least of all my fears.
If I could turn back time to free me from this crime.

It started back in time when something stole my mind
and led me through aeons to place and time unknown.

I lived their life, lost in their time, without my face.

Take me back home from these cryptic walls.
I wait for a sign from my own reality, I wait here
in a nameless time.

A certain time passed by, I returned to my life
with memories hard to find, a secret in my mind.

I found it out, I've learned about the place I've been.

Take me away to these cryptic walls.
I wait for a sign from this old reality, it calls me
from a nameless time.
Take me back to these cryptic walls,
to this desert place and this strange reality, it calls me
from a nameless time.

2. The expedition
I broke up to find this place, find those from the elder race.
In this unknown desert land I was digging in the sand.
Found these ruins, blocks of stone, older than the Egypt ones.

Climbed in caves, unspeakable, far down in the planets depths.

There were these enchanted books, pages that I've known too well,
written by the aliens ‘bout the way their study's been.
They transformed through space and time in all kinds of living minds
learning this way everything how through times the culture's been.

And I imagined how it's been like traveling through a name less time.
And I remembered how I felt when I was
in a nameless time, in a nameless time...

Take me home from these cryptic vaults.
I wait for a sign from my own reality, I wait here
in a nameless time.

3. Finding out
Although the most I knew I needed a final proof
if I'd been one of them. And then these pages came:

My written words! So I'd been here in one of them...

Take me back home from these cryptic vaults.
‘cause I've been alive in this strange reality,

release me from this nameless time.
Take me home from these cryptic vaults.

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