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Graffiti Bridge (1990)

Текст песни с переводом слов Prince «We Can Funk» из альбома «Graffiti Bridge» (1990).

We Can Funk

Lead voice by George Clinton and Prince
Jump 'em and funk 'em, pump 'em and funk 'em
We can funk

I'm testing postive 4 the funk
I'll gladly pee in anybody's cup
and when your cup overflow I'll pee some more

I could tell u stories 'til u get tired.
I could play with your mind.
But u'd probably say that I was a liar
so I won't waste your time

I'm scared 'cause though we just met there's this energy between us,
let's just go somewhere, we can funk

I'm testing postive 4 the funk
I'll gladly (we can funk) pee in anybody's cup
and when your cup overflow
I'm testing (we can funk) positive and I'll pee some more

Bump 'em and funk 'em, jump 'em and funk 'em,
pump 'em and funk 'em, pump 'em and funk 'em

Every time I could, I would compilment u on the things,
the things that u be, honey doll, we should make the real noise, just u and me

I could tell u things 2 get u excited, things u never heard
U know the Kama Sutra? I could re-write it with half as many words

But I'm scared, 'cause if I don't kiss ya, I'm gonna go mad baby
take off my clothes. We can funk

I'm testing postive 4 the funk
I'll gladly pee in anybody's cup
and may your cup overflow I'll pee some more
we can funk
we can funk
we can funk

Wait a minute. Let me turn on some lights. we can funk.
Yeah, come here.
U can blow the candle off baby. (candle)
U can turn the candle on.
Which ever one u choose is alright,
'cause we're going 2 do it all night long
(Sex) Sex between 2 people is alright
if all the love in the world is what they got
as long as they're not trying 2 hurt nobody
just as long as it's hot
good lord, baby, I wanna make love 2 u 2 times maybe 3
Yeah, if u want 2 go 4 or 5, baby that's alright with me
Listen, I said I will be your little baby
Yeah, I can be your big strong man
I can be your girl or boy, I can be your toy
Alright, let's dance.
It's up 2 u can funk me baby. I'll funk u. We can funk one another.
Whatever u want 2 do.

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