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Batman (1989)

Текст песни с переводом слов Prince «Vicki Waiting» из альбома «Batman» (1989).

Vicki Waiting

";I'm of the mind to make some mookie.

The phone rings, it's Vicki callin'
She wants me 2 come 2 the crib
She says conversation's better than being lonely
So I try my best to ad lib
I told the joke about the woman
Who asked her lover ";Why is your organ so small?";
He replied ";I didn't know I was playin' in a cathedral.";
Vicki didn't laugh at all.

This is where she wants 2 be
I am what she wants 2 see
I never known a love so sweet
Still I keep Vicki waiting...

All is well in Gotham City
The sound of terror is all U hear
Sometimes a pistol takes the place of her body
Sometimes her body's here
But U see when crime is your only love
All that matter is the present, the here and now
People, people, whatever floats this joker's boat
Is whatever this joker will bang


Oh yeah

Talk of children still frightens me
Is my character enough 2 be
One that deserves a copy made?
This I one day, hope 2 see
Until then she's held at bay
By my animal-like persistence
Or maybe she's just 2 proud 2 say
That fate (fate) brought us together
And this is where she wants 2 stay



All is well in Gotham town
This is where she wants 2 be

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