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Come (Explicit) (1994)

Текст песни с переводом слов Prince «Pheromone» из альбома «Come (Explicit)» (1994).


Lie down beneath my shadow
Lie down beneath my shadow with great delight
And your feel will be sweet 2 me
My left hand under your head,
While my right embraces time
Therein, my virgin, love's wine

L is 4 lust
O is 4 obsession
V is 4 the vast way u envelop my soul
This is crazy, this is crazy
I could die from the pheromone

I can see the castle
I can see the throne
I can see the beloved and she's not alone
But it's cool like that
Cuz I'll be diggin' her just the same
I can see the curtain wrestled from the wall
I can see her hands tied
I can see it all
He pulls a gat
This is how they play the game
And I'm 'round the the back
Cuz curiosity it knows no shame

Pheromone, rush over me like an ocean
Pheromone, controllin' my every motion
Pheromone, I'm helpless as a pet
Pheromone, when your body's wet

I can feel the tension through the crack in the door
He begs 4 love, while she's disgusted more
And I'm on fire, cause I never seen her nude before
I wanna save her (save her)
I want 2 watch (watch)
All my vital signs go up a couple of notches
When he unties her and she runs 2 the open door
He trips and grinds her (grinds her)
Right there all on the floor (on the floor)
She so close I can touch her (touch her)

Pheromone, rush over me like an ocean
Pheromone, controllin' my every motion
Pheromone, I'm helpless as a pet
Pheromone, when your body's wet (body's wet, body's wet, body's wet)

Her eyes are closed but there's no penetration
He just makes her point the pistol 2 his nose
While he masturbates and now I see a tear
Heading down towards her smile
What happens next it all depends upon your style

(Oh, this is crazy baby)

Pheromone, (Pheromone) rush over me like an ocean

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