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Black Album (1988)

Текст песни с переводом слов Prince «Le Grind» из альбома «Black Album» (1988).

Le Grind

So U found me
Good, I'm glad
This is Prince
The cool of cools
Some of U may not know this
But some of U may know
Some of U may not want 2 know
We r here 2 do service
Please don't try 2 stop us
4 we come regardless
4 we r strong as we r intelligent

So come vibe with us
Welcome to the Funk Bible
The new testament

People get ready, nouveau dance here
All the girls and all the boys,
Get close, have no fear, (have no fear)
We're gonna do le grind y'all
Got U where I want U
And girl it's going 2 feel so good, (feel so good)
Up and down, up and down, on the beat y'all
Like a pony would, pony would

Le Grind
All the boys, grab a girl, get down on the floor
This funky beat's gonna show u,
Gonna show u what your hips r made 4
Nouveau grind, come on (people)
People it's much 2 late,
It's much 2 late 2 be shy
London, what does Big Ben say?
(time 2 do the grind)
no hear U say (time 2 do the grind)

Le Grind
Baby, I gotcha where I wantcha,
Now I gotcha where I wantcha, wantcha
Ce soir, [la chantez], all night long (all night long)
Ce soir, [la chantez], all night long (all night long)
{{ French: ";Tonight, sing it"; }}
Hey pretty mama, with the long hair
Is that your boyfriend?
Ha, I don't care
Cuz' I can do, said I can do
tricks he can never do
When I get naked, we'll see the real u
Am I getting thru? (grind)
I gotcha where I wantcha (baby)
baby, baby
piano man, put it where it feel good

Grind, grind, grind, grind
Le Grind, grind, Le Grind, grind

This party, this party is gonna last all night
When I give the cue scream, alright?
Party (party)
Party (party)
u say it, party (party)
Clap your hands double time

All the boys say ";Yeah Yeah"; (Yeah Yeah)
All the girls say ";Oh Yeah"; (Oh Yeah)
Now all u others say ";Hell Yeah"; (Hell Yeah)
Too sexy, Grind, Grind
(not yet Bonnie)

Grind, grind, grind, le grind
grind, grind, le grind, oh ya

People, get ready, nouveau dance here
Girls and boys, get close, have no fear
(Grind) Doin' the grind, doin' the grind, in here
(Put it where it feels good)

Hey yeah

I do believe that we've... truly touched on something... nouveau

(La la la la la la)
(La la la la la la)
Ooowww, c'mon, am I in the right place? (La la la la la la la)
(don't move) (La la la la la la)
Ooh, R u sure baby? R u sure (La la la la la la)
I'm in the right place? (La la la la la la la)
(Don't move, don't move)

(grind, grind)
c'mon (grind, grind, grind, grind, grind, grind)
Girl put it where it feel good
(grind, grind, grind)
not there, not there (grind, grind, grind, grind)
Put it where it feels good (grind, grind, grind, grind)
Slow down (grind)


Le Grind

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