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Phil Collins

Dance Into The Light (1996)

Текст песни с переводом слов Phil Collins «River So Wide» из альбома «Dance Into The Light» (1996).

River So Wide

If we can cross at the place that divides us.
cross the river, the river so wide,
if we can smother the pain that's inside us,
deny the demons that wait bu our side,
we can find, find the light

Our nights are filled with the light of the same moon,
we share the comfort of the same stars.
Our days are bright with the light of the same sun,
that don't matter, can't you see what we are,
what we are, what we become?

Keep our sights on the way ahead,
don't look back, it won't help us now.
The storm we left so far behind
seems a dark memory that starts to fade,
but till we see the light we will not be safe.

We all sink or swin in the same ocean,
break our skin and we will bleed
our minutes pass with the same motion,
we face the same danger, we share the same needs,
we're all the same, you and me.

Keep our sights on the way ahead,
don't look back, that won't help us now.
Upstream, the river gets too wide
so we must build that bridge right here,
'cos if we wait we will not reach the other side.
See under that clear blue sky
the winds of change are blowing hard and long,
and they'll not stop to rest 'cos the change is gonna come

Our nights are filled with the light of the same moon,

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