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Queen II (1974)

Текст песни с переводом слов Queen «Father to son» из альбома «Queen II» (1974).

Father to son

A word in your ear, from father to son
Hear the word that I say
I fought with you, fought on your side
Long before you were born

Joyful the sound, the word goes around
From father to son, to son...
And the voice is so clear, time after time it keeps on
Calling you, calling you on
Don't destroy what you see, your country to be
Just keep building on the ground that's been won

Kings will be crowned, and the word goes around
From father to son, to son

Won't you hear us sing
Our family song?
Now we hand it on
But I've heard it all before

Take this letter that I give you
Take it sonny, hold it high
You won't understand a word that's in it
But you'll write it out again before you die (yeah yeah)

A word in your ear from father to son
Funny you don't hear a single word
I say
But my letter to you will stay by your side
Through the years till the loneliness is gone
Sing if you will - but the air
You breathe
I live to give you

Joyful the sound, the word goes around
From father to son, to son...

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