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Paul McCartney

Off The Ground (1993)

Текст песни с переводом слов Paul McCartney «The Lovers That Never Were» из альбома «Off The Ground» (1993).

The Lovers That Never Were

I Have Always Needed Somebody Girl,
But I Close The Doors To Keep Out The World.
But For You, I Would Be Here All Alone,
Locked In A Photograph.
All Of The Clocks Have Run Down.
Lover Beware.
We'll Be The Lovers That Never Were.

I Hang Patiently On Every Word You Send.
Will We Ever Be Much More Than Just Friends?
As For You, You Sit There Playing This Game,
You Keep Me Waiting
When All Of The Clocks Have Run Down,
All Over The World.
We'll Be The Lovers That Never Were.

For As Long As The Sun Shines In Somebody's Eyes,
I Believe In You Baby, So Don't Tell Me Lies.
For As Long As The Trees Throw Down Blossoms And Leaves,
I Know There Will Be A Parade Of Unpainted Dreams.

And I Know Dear, How Much It's Going To Hurt
If You Still Refuse To Get Your Hands Dirty.
So You, You Must Tell Me Something,...I Love You,
Say Goodbye Or Anything.

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