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Paul McCartney

Flowers In The Dirt (1989)

Текст песни с переводом слов Paul McCartney «My Brave Face» из альбома «Flowers In The Dirt» (1989).

My Brave Face

(McCartney, Mac Manus)
My Brave Face.
I've Been Living In Style
Unaccustomed As I Am To The Luxury Life.
I've Been Hitting The Town And It Didn't Hit Back.

I've Been Doing The Rounds
Unaccustomed As I Am To The Time On My Hands.
Now I Don't Have To Tell Anybody When I'm Gonna Get Back.

Ever Since You Went Away I've Had This Sentimental
Inclination Not To Change A Single Thing.
As I Pull The Sheets Back On The Bed I Want To Go Bury My Head
In Your Pillow.

Now That I'm Alone Again, I Can't Stop Breaking Down Again,
The Simplest Things Set Me Off Again
And Take Me To That Place
Where I Can't Find My Brave Face
Where I Can't Find My Brave Face
My Brave, My Brave, My Brave Face.

I've Been Living A Lie
Unaccustomed As I Am
To The Work Of A Housewife,
I've Been Breaking Up
Dirty Dishes And Throwing Them Away.

Ever Since You Left I Have Been Trying To
Compose A ";Baby Will You Please Come Home"; Note
Meant For You.
As I Clear Away Another
Untouched Tv Dinner
From The Table I Laid For Two.

Now That I'm Alone Again

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