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Paul McCartney

Pipes Of Peace (1983)

Текст песни с переводом слов Paul McCartney «Average Person» из альбома «Pipes Of Peace» (1983).

Average Person

Look At The Average Person
Speak To The Man In The Street
Can You Imagine The First One You'd Meet?
Well, I'm Talking To A Former Engine Driver
Trying To Find Out What He Used To Do
Tells Me That He Always Kept His Engine
Spit And Polished Up As Good As New
But He Said His Only Great Ambition
Was To Work With Lions In A Zoo
Oh To Work With Lions In A Zoo
Yes Dear, You Heard Right
Told Me His Ambition Was To Work With Lions Every Night

Look At The Average Person
Speak To The Man On The Beat
Can You Imagine The First One You'd Meet?

Well, I Met A Woman Working As A Waitress
I Asked Exactly What It Was She Did
Said She Worked The Summer Crowd At Seasides
Winter Time She Ran Away And Hid
Once She Had A Hollywood Audition
But The Part Was Given To A Kid
Yes,The Part Was Given To A Kid
Yes Sir, You Heard It Right
Hollywood Ambition Made A Starlet Grown Up Overnight

Well I Bumped Into A Man Who'd Been A Boxer
Asked Him What Had Been His Greatest Night
He Looked Into The Corners Of His Memory
Searching For A Picture Of The Fight

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