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Ozzy Osbourne

Bark At The Moon (1983)

Текст песни с переводом слов Ozzy Osbourne «Rock 'n' Roll Rebel» из альбома «Bark At The Moon» (1983).

Rock 'n' Roll Rebel

The couldn't see what I thought would de so obvious
They hide behind the laws they make for all of us
The Ministry of Truth that deals with pretense
The Ministry of Peace that sits on defense
I'm washing my hands of what they're tryin' to do
I'm breaking the rules and its for me and for you.

I'm just a Rock'n'Roll Rebel
I'll tell you no lies
They think I worship the devil
They only see through his eyes
I'm just a Rock'n'Roll Rebel.

They live their lives in fear and insecurity
And all you do pay for their prosperity
The Ministry of Fear that won't let you live
The Ministry Of Grace that doesn't forgive
Do what you will to try and make me conform
But I'll make you wish that you had never been born.

Cause I'm a Rock'n'Roll Rebel
I'll do as I please
I'm a Rock'n'Roll Rebel
I'm as free as the breeze
I'm just a Rock'n'Roll Rebel.

They'll try playin with your heart
They know it rules your head
They only feel what bigotry feels
They won't fool me again. (oh no) (Solo)

God only knows why they couldn't see the obvious
Is it beacause that they manifest the incubus
The Ministry of War that got caught in the draught

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