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Ozzy Osbourne

The Ultimate Sin (1986)

Текст песни с переводом слов Ozzy Osbourne «Fool Like You» из альбома «The Ultimate Sin» (1986).

Fool Like You

(5:20)(Daisley - Osbourne - Williams)
I hear you breathing though you're so far away
Can you just go where you're going to
I couldn't give a damn or two about a Fool Like You
That's true.
Are you just too cool no you're just perfectly cold
And what goes around still comes around
I think its all summed up and down in Fool Like You
That's true.

Today is just another day
You hold your ticket into nowhere
It's up to you if you will stay
And turn your day into a nightmare.

You think you know it you think you know it all
But you don't even have a clue
And control is still in view for a Fool Like You
That's true.
Is there a reason for the way that you are
Or does it just come naturally
To have an idiosyncrasy and be a Fool Like You
That's true.

You're hearing what you want to hear
Misunderstanding all you see
An attitude in all at us
Is it really you and me.

He's hiding residing deep within the crowd
A hand out he'll pull you down.

You've been found guilty committed every crime

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