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The Fool Circle (1981)

Текст песни с переводом слов Nazareth «We Are The People» из альбома «The Fool Circle» (1981).

We Are The People

Puppets in the dance are we
Or do we call the tune
We're keeping up our ratings
While we feed you wreck and ruin
Thespians of revolution, money in the bank
With our college boy lisps

Brown ale gurus Sunday supplement priests
Lunch with urban guerillas
On expense account receipts
Opinionated interviews
From an informed source
can't tell you no names
secret of course

We are the people
I am you, you are me
We are the people, I am you, you are me
Any fool can see all the people
We are the people

We're on the side of politicians
Misquote their lies
Building up those favors
We collect on bye and bye
On the side of winners
We can change with the fees
Give us your proposition
We're only here to please

We are the people
I am you, you are me
We are the people
I am you, you are me
Any fool can see all the people
We are the people

Oh, please defend me
Don't ask for my surrender
We are the kings, you're the pretenders
You walk and I'll talk
Stop ringing my doorbell with questions

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