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Loud 'n' proud (1974)

Текст песни с переводом слов Nazareth «This flight tonight» из альбома «Loud 'n' proud» (1974).

This flight tonight

Look out the left
captain said
The lights down there
that's where we'll land.
I saw a falling star burn up
Above the Las Vegas sands.
It wasn't the one that you gave to me
That night down South
between the trailer;
Not the early one
That you can wish upon;
Not the Northern one
That guides in the sailors.

Oh starbright

You've got the loving that I like
all right
Turn this crazy bird around
I shouldn't have got on
this flight tonight.

You got the touch so gentle and sweet
But you've got that look so critical
I can't talk to you baby
I get so weak.
Sometimes I think love
is just mythical
Up there's a heaven
Down there's a town
Blackness everywhere and
little lights shine
blackness dragging me down
Come on light the candle
in this poor heart of mine.

I'm drinking sweet champagne
Got the headphones up high
Can't numb you out
Can't drum you out of my mind
They're playing "Goodbye baby
baby goodbye
Ooh, ooh, love is blind"

Up go the flaps
down go the wheels
I hope you got your
heat turned on baby
I hope they finally
fixed your automobile
I hope it's better
when we meet again.

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