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2XS (1982)

Текст песни с переводом слов Nazareth «Take The Rap» из альбома «2XS» (1982).

Take The Rap

You were lookin' at your mother
So you went and told your father
Daddy don't say nothin' he's got plenty in his past
Changed your way of thinkin'
So you started drinkin'
And you got arrested for drivin' blind

Take the rap, take the rap
It's gonna break your back, it's a fact, take the rap

It was lined up on the mirror
And you just started shavin'
Didn't know what you were smokin'
Cigarette came from a friend
Judge said you're delinquent
You don't want to think it
So you put your head down, started servin' time

Take the rap, take the rap
It's gonna break your back, take the rap

Tried to talkbut I got nothin' to prove--why you want to?
Tried to run they took away my shoes--why you want to?
Why you want me to take the rap?

Take the rap, take the rap
It's gonna break your back, take the rap

Well your damned if iron bars'll
Keep you rottin' in a prison
Hell is lookin' better 'cause you'll
Never get to heaven
See your chance and take it
Sure you're gonna make it
You're prepared to take it 'cause you're never gonna...

Take the rap, take the rap

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