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Michael Jackson

Invincible (2001)

Текст песни с переводом слов Michael Jackson «Heaven can wait» из альбома «Invincible» (2001).

Heaven can wait

Tell the angels no
I don't wanna leave
My baby alone
I don't want nobody
Else to hold you
Thats the chance I'll take
Baby I'll stay
Heaven can wait
If the angels took me
From this earth
I would tell them
Bring me back to her
Its a chance I'll take
Baby I'll stay, heaven can wait

Your beautiful
Your wonderful
Incredible, I love you so
Your beautiful
Each moment spent with you
Is simply wonderful
This love I have for you
Girl, its incredible
I don't know what i'd do
If I can't be with you
The world could not go on
So every night I pray
If the the lord should come for me
Before I wake
I wouldn't wanna go if I can't see your face
Can't hold you close
What good would heaven be
If the angels came for me
I'd tell them no

Me sittin up in the clouds
And you are all alone
The time might come around when you'll
Be moving on (moving on)
I'd turn it all around
And try to get back down to my
Baby girl, can't stand to see
Nobody kissing, touching her
Can't take nobody loving you
The way we were
What good would heaven be?
If the angels came for me
I'd tell them no

Oh no, can't be without my baby
Won't go, without her I'll go crazy
Oh no, guess heaven will be waiting
(I love you girl, I need you baby)

Just leave us alone
Please leave us alone

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