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Into Glory Ride (1983)

Текст песни с переводом слов Manowar «Revelation (Death's Angel)» из альбома «Into Glory Ride» (1983).

Revelation (Death's Angel)

bove the wreckage of your mortal world I stand
Judgement passed delivered by his hand
Now clear the smoke, there the ashes stand
A fitting tribute to mortality and man.
What was written foretold in dreams,
in visions apocalypse now seen.
And all self-righteous fools who lived and blasphemed
Drink the wine of his anger
Die with the beast
Vindication, he is coming on the clouds
See his angels, hear their trumpets sound.
The day of anger when the stars fall from the sky
The moon turns red, the sun turns black as night.
Know the end is coming, heed this sign
By the morning star the four horsemen ride.
Revelation, the chosen saved
Earth be cleansed in a blaze
Armageddon, the first trumpet blows
Hail, fire and blood fall on Satan's throne.
His hair as white as wool, his eyes like burning flame
He is the first and last, he brings the seven plagues
Seven stars of seven cities in his hand

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