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I'm Breathless (1990)

Текст песни с переводом слов Madonna «Back In Business» из альбома «I'm Breathless» (1990).

Back In Business

I'm gonna show you that good guys don't always win
I'm gonna show you the brighter side of living in sin.
So when you're six feet under, you won't wonder why
Just 'cause you got a halo don't mean that you can fly.
If you thought it was over, you're way off track
You made a blunder, and...


You put me back, back in business,
This ain't no hit or miss, i'm gonna get my way.
'cause you put me back, back in business,
You're my first witness, and i'm here to stay.

I'm gonna show you good guys always finish last
Speaking of virtue, being nice is a thing of the past.
When i want something done, i'll say it with a gun
Just 'cause you're an angel don't mean you're having fun.
I just wanted to thank you for what you lack
Hope they don't hang you, 'cause...


A tisket, a tasket, you've lost your yellow basket.
(spoken:) you don't know if you want to hit me or kiss me.
I just wanted to thank you for what you lack
Hope they don't hang you, 'cause...


He's back in business now
Give me a hand and i'll take a bow.
He's back in business now
Bah dah dah, bah dah dah, bah dah dah, bah dah dah.
He's coming back in style
Give me an inch and i'll take a mile.
He's back and why oh why
Bah dah dah, bah dah dah, bah dah dah, bah dah dah.

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