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Linkin Park

LP Underground 2.0 (2002)

Текст песни с переводом слов Linkin Park «High Voltage (Live)» из альбома «LP Underground 2.0» (2002).

High Voltage (Live)

[Mike Shinoda Excerpt]
You know what I mean
Try to put a label on a life
Put a label on a lifestyle (Sometimes)
You know, put a label on how you wake up every morning and go to bed at
night (Alright)
[Mike Shinoda]
I've been diggin' in the crates ever since I was living in space
Before the rat race, before monkeys had human traits
I mastered numerology and big bang theology
Performed lobotomies with telekinetic psychology
Invented the mic so I could start blessing it
Chin-checking kids to make my point like an impressionist
Many men have tried to shake us
But I twist mic cords into double helixes and show them what I'm made of
I buckle knees like leg braces
Cast a spell of instrumentalness on all of you emcees who hate us
So you can try on, leave you without a shoulder to cry on, from now to
infinity, let icons be bygons
I firebomb, ghostly notes haunt this
I tried threats, but moved on to a promise
I stomp shit, with or without an accomplice and
Run the gauntlet with whoever that wants this
High voltage
The unforgettable sound
High voltage
Bringin' you up and taking you down
High voltage
Comin' at you from every side
High voltage
Making the rhythm and rhyme collide
[Mike Shinoda Excerpt]
(Akira) I put a kink in the backbones of clones with microphones
And never satisfy my rhyme jones
Sprayin' bright day over what you might say
My blood type's krylon, technicolor type A
On highways, write with road rage
Pages of wind in cages of tin that bounce all around
+Surround sound+, devouring the scene
Subliminal gangrene paintings over all the same thing
Sing-song karaoke copy bullshit
Break bones verbally with sticks-and-stone tactics
Fourth dimension combat convention
Write rhymes at ease while the track stands at attention
Meant to put you away, with a pencil pistol official
Sixteen-line, the rhyme missile
While you risk your all, I pick out all your flaws
Spittin' raw blah blah blah you can say you saw
[Mike Shinoda Excerpt]
I like to rock and rap, you know what I mean?
People are acting like, you know, "wow that's a new invention"
That shit thing, you know
We're constantly evolving
It is constantly changing (Sometimes)
There's a world of change
Everybody's always trying to put labels on it, there ain't no label for this
They always gotta try to put a label on it
Try to create something so they can water it down
[Chester Bennington]
Sometimes I feel like a prophet, misunderstood
Under the gun like a new disease
Sometimes I feel like a prophet, misunderstood
Under the gun like a new disease
[Chorus x3]
[Mike Shinoda Excerpt]
You know what I mean? You can't put a label on a lifestyle

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