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Limp Bizkit

Three Dollar Bill, Yall$ (1998)

Текст песни с переводом слов Limp Bizkit «Indigo Flow» из альбома «Three Dollar Bill, Yall$» (1998).

Indigo Flow

INDIGO FLOW yo what up, we got christian and dino in tha house, fear factory action, kickin' off this new joint here, for all my homies, separatin' tha true breeds, my friends and my family, had tha vision in tha bounds now it's blowin up, props to tha field-dog with the funk through the campaign, gold records and champaign, everlast for that tour on saint patty's, chino, man we had a blast wit ya deftones, rock that microphone daily, props to tha maestro, ross you're an angel, hey dj wanna play that song, lethal, we love ya like a brother, wanna take a trip to tha flip side jordan, nothin' more than i can say, simply walkin' hand in hand with tha prophet, danny you took us to tha fat man, harry tiyler, props for tha golden introduction, we're comin' from tha town of tha unknown, jacksonville's on tha map, look us up, raisin' eyebrows wit tha jaguars kid, better watch out, line em up cheetah, indigo, yo richard, rob and chuck, indigo, hook it up when i walk out on stage, all headaches go away, got tha back from tha sickest road crew, chris and bobby for stickin' to us, sugar ray taught me life was all about drinkin', bow wow yippy yo yippy yea to tha funk-dooby, thanks for showing up, all my brothers in KoRn i love you, dad and momma, i'm comin' home what up to my girl sage, shawn, teddy swoze, indigo ranch alive wit tha vibe, indigo, grun dig, danny at tha milkbar, terry parker you know what's up, indigo, dialed into tha planet, and God, I LOVE YOU!!!!

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