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Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue (1994)

Текст песни с переводом слов Kylie Minogue «Dangerous game» из альбома «Kylie Minogue» (1994).

Dangerous game

Surely this can't be heaven
Though it feels like I died
I guess it's just goodbye then
There's nowhere left to hide

Can't you see you have the power
To make or break my day
I'm getting weaker by the hour
All the time you stay away

I'm so in alone I feel so lonely
Here on my own I've lost my way
I never dreamt that it could
hurt like this boy
Lost in the absence of your
precious kiss
Why do I feel this pain
Loves just a dangerous game

So where do I go from here
What do I have to do
Something to make you realize
Just how I feel for you

Don't you see you have the power
To make or break my day
I'm getting weaker by the hour
Do you hear me when I say

But the feeling still remains
And the embers feed the flame
How I hope you feel the same
So our love will grow again

It's only you see you have the power
To make or break my day
I'm getting weaker by the hour
Can't you hear me say
I can't face the world today

Wake up baby give yourself to me
I'm the one for
I'll show you intimacy
Forever no question unbridle my affection
And you will feel my love explode
In your direction

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