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Katy Perry

One of the boys (2008)

Текст песни с переводом слов Katy Perry «I think I'm ready» из альбома «One of the boys» (2008).

I think I'm ready

I'm used to opening my own doors and splittin' the checks
He introduced me was always just a friend
I bought a new dress He never noticed

Always fallin' for these bad boys such a challenge
I'm getting tired of cleaning up after them
I think I'm ready to be a woman

Oh love, I think I'm ready, ready for it

You were such a surprise and unexpected gift
Said I was pretty and I believed it
Not really used to all this attention

Told myself I don't deserve you and this is just a phase
Could I get used to being loved the right way
I wanna argue but there is nothin to say

Oh love, I think I'm ready, ready for it
(Ready for it) Oh love, I think I'm ready...

‘Cause you send me flowers when there's no occasion
Yea we talk for hours you still wanna listen
Won't hold it against me if I just need you to hold me tonight

My mother always told me that you'd show up one day
So scared to feel this way

But love, I think I'm ready, ready for it
(Ready for it) Oh oh love, I think I'm ready, ready for it
(Ready for it) Oh love, I think I'm ready...

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