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Jennifer Lopez

This is me... then (2002)

Текст песни с переводом слов Jennifer Lopez «Baby I love U» из альбома «This is me... then» (2002).

Baby I love U

Boy I never knew I could feel
The way I felt, when I felt
They way you were feeling me baby
I'm so out of control
Every time you look my way
I realize more and more
How much I adore those pretty eyes of yours
I'm helpless baby
What I want to know is
Are you willing to try
Can you love me for a lifetime
Or just one night

Baby I love you (Love You)
Baby I need you (Need You)
I gotta have you
(I gotta have you, baby)
Can't be without you
(Be without you)

Baby I love you
Baby I need you (Need You)
I gotta have you
(I gotta have you baby)
Can't be without you

Blessed and cursed on the same day
The day that I first felt the power of you
Inside of me
Such a strong feeling
There comes a time in everyone’s life
When you know that everyone around you knows
That everything has changed, you’re not the same
It’s a new day
Oh what I wanna know is
Are you willing to try
There’s gotta be more meaning to this
Than what meets the eye

Oh, I love the way you kiss me
Baby please
I’m about to lose my mind
Oh, talk to me
Cuz I’m begging for you
And I’m down on my knees
Baby I know you’re the one that I need

Baby I love you
You know that I need you
Gotta have you
Can't be without you
Baby I love you
You know I need you
Gotta have you
Can't be without you

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