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James Taylor

Never Die Young (1987)

Текст песни с переводом слов James Taylor «Runaway Boy» из альбома «Never Die Young» (1987).

Runaway Boy

Fetch down the fiddle, rosin up the bow, don't play me nothing on the radio.
Don't make me remember the Alamo, I'm feeling like a little bit of Cotton Eyed Joe.
No raging Cajun crawfish stew, fat batter coming in a Lumalamalu.
Boy howdy and howdy damn do, something like fine setting eyes on you.
Let me come down, I won't never go back up again, oh, hold me down.
Let me come home, I won't never go away no more, oh let me come down.

In a younger day back in Tennessee, the muddy Mississippi used to call to me,
float on a river and set yourself free.
Run from the farm and the family tree, run from the runaway boy.

So I've been all the places that I ever want to be, I've seen all the people that I ever want to see.
I'm sick and tired of being lonely and free, I'm ready today for what's waiting on me.
I'm gonna give up believing I was born to run, stop acting like a man that gets shot from a gun.
I'm putting down roots, I want to soak up sun and stay right here until my days are done.
Let me back down, I will never go up again. Hold me down, tie me on down.
Let me go home, I will never go away no more, oh let me come home, oh let me go down.

[Indecipherable grunting]

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