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James Taylor

In The Pocket (1976)

Текст песни с переводом слов James Taylor «Family Man» из альбома «In The Pocket» (1976).

Family Man

Woah, Jocko, don't expect me to come out drinking, messing around.
Spending my time with a bunch of crazy people.
Yes, I been there before, I don't need to go back no more.
I'm just a family man, like it or not, I am a family man. I'm a-holding onto what I've got.
I'm a family man,, right by damn. Finally, find out what I am is a family man.

And don't expect me to hit the road at a moment's notice without my suitcase
with some crazy bunch of strangers in some unknown car,
Well, I'm just not willing to go that far.

The life I used to lead was a little too frantic. I guess I just got eyes to grow old and grey.
And if what I have in mind isn't super romantic, I guess I always saw myself this way,
I'm just a family man, like it or not, said I'm a family man, holding onto what I've got,
I'm a family man, right by damn, I finally, find out what I am is a family man.

Sears and Roebuck. Howard Johnson. Colonel Sanders. Station wagon.
Briggs and Stratton. Second mortgage.
If I can ever lose my blues. Walk on over and turn on the TV.
What I'd like to do is lie down on the sofa later on.
I might walk my dog, baby. Bo Diddley's a family man.

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