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James Taylor

Flag (1979)

Текст песни с переводом слов James Taylor «Company Man» из альбома «Flag» (1979).

Company Man

It seems you've been living on your own, Lonely and free.
Looking to make yourself known, same as me.
Well I see you in the public eyes, I see you're looking fine.
The boy would be a businessman and he signs the bottom line.

Singing company man, do what you can with my name.
Rock and roll man, here I am, I'm staking my claim to fame.

He's got the smiling face of a friend, still you're not quite certain you know him.
The smile turns into a grin, what do you owe him? You know you owe him.

So if there's something you do well, something you're proud of,
better to save some for yourself if that's allowed.
The crowd will never know you, you'll hardly know yourself,
they'll turn you round and blow you up till you think you're someone else.

Singing company man, do what you can with my name.
Rock and roll man, here I am, I'm staking my claim to fame.

He can turn your time to gold, you better make as much as you can my friend.
Cause his money will turn you old and they need a young man.
The job takes a young man.

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