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James Taylor

James Taylor (1968)

Текст песни с переводом слов James Taylor «Brighten Your Night With My Day» из альбома «James Taylor» (1968).

Brighten Your Night With My Day

Daybreak finds you up and alive just as though you could touch a star.
But sunset seems to leave you weary, alone and wondering who you are.
Don't deny that lonely feeling, babe, that keeps stealing on you from deep down inside.
Hey, can't you see that it's no good concealing a feeling it hurts you to hide?

When you can come home to me, yes, I'm happy to hear
what you've got to say to me, baby, all the way.
Girl, you can count on me, watch those shadows fade away,
and brighten your night with my day.

Daybreak, sunset, hot and cold running smiles and tears.
A bright outside to match your foolish pride, but not a word for the lonely years.
Please come back home to me, now you won't have to say
that you'll stay with me, baby, no, it's not that way.
Just come back home to me, watch those shadows fade away,
And brighten your night with my daybreak, sunset, you don't have to cry no more.
Now, everything's gonna be just fine, watch out, baby, here it comes,
Right around the corner, here it comes, just brighten your night with my day.

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