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James Blunt

Carry you home (2008)

Текст песни с переводом слов James Blunt «Dear Katie» из альбома «Carry you home» (2008).

Dear Katie

Did he break your heart today?
Well, some will say
It's never gonna be easy
And did he tell you that he loved you,
He's just not in love with you anymore?

I met a man who saw a ghost
Sat down on his bed and he said
"Hey, there's no need to worry,
I've lived my life from start to end
And I've seen nothing that makes sense
Except being in love."

So, dear, dear Katie
What have you done lately?
I've heard it's all gone wrong.
So, dear, dear Katie
This mess you're in is crazy
Remember real love.

Take tea for two
An afternoon
By the sea
Remember how it used to be
When we were young and we didn't care
And oh people used to smile
We were holding hands in the park
The simple things men and woman share,
They used to make you smile.
Little girl don't be lonely,
You'll never be lonely

So dear, dear Katie
What have you done lately?
I've heard it's all gone wrong.
So dear, dear Katie
This mess you're in is crazy.
Remember real love.

And did he break your heart today
Well, do you still feel?

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