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Kids Of The Century (Euro Version) (1991)

Текст песни с переводом слов Helloween «Shit & Lobster» из альбома «Kids Of The Century (Euro Version)» (1991).

Shit & Lobster

(Music and Lyrics: M. Grosskopf)
Once there was a time when mankind
Dreamed about reading the stars
Nowadays we're almost ready
Even for the wars

Some told lies and they were famous
Cause of making many wars
One told right, they were punished
With pain and crucify

What is right and what is wrong
Can I prevent, can I be strong
Quick enough to run away
Or brave enough for here to stay

Time will bring the answer
Will we feed the cancer
We don't give a damn at all

Some get shit and some get lobster
Take my ass into the sun
It takes some time to realize
We cannot eat a gun

The fat get fatter, the poor stay poor
The money maker sells the skin
But you don't ask and you don't see
The world you're living in

Got my fears and got my doubts

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