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Pumpkin Tracks (1991)

Текст песни с переводом слов Helloween «Don't Run For Cover» из альбома «Pumpkin Tracks» (1991).

Don't Run For Cover

4:48)(M. Kiske)
You hide, won't fight
Avoid the daylight
Give in, won't win
No try to make it right

Why don't you stop crying
Stop your painful dying
Why don't you give your life a sense

One game, one aim
But you're always sleeping
One light so bright
In darkness you're creeping

Why don't you use your head
Step out of your warm bed
And stop being on anxious rat

Run - for your destination
Fly - to the sun
Don't give a damn what the people may say
It's like a chain on your leg
When you always look back
If you don't risk anything one day you'll pay

Don't run for cover
Don't cry alone
Make a step on your stairway
One step closer to what you live for
Don't run for cover
Don't throw away
The only chance that you got
To be the fire in a hot life you choose

No pride, no right ?
In your heart is more strength
You know, I know
Your destiny's in your hand

Now you have this time
To survive don't be blind
In this world where so many can't see


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