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Windmill (1993)

Текст песни с переводом слов Helloween «Cut In The Middle» из альбома «Windmill» (1993).

Cut In The Middle

(3:56)(M. Grosskopf)
Ice cold Metalmonster creeping
Through the darkest night
Heart of gold and steel
Because I don't know what to write
Pins and chains and bullet-bells round my metal chest
All that shit looks good on me even if I'm getting fat

Squeeze my ass into leather pants
It needs to be so tight
Tons of beer and alcohol
It brings me through the night

Cut in the middle
Couldn't hurt me too bad if I weren't here
Can someone tell me what it's all supposed to mean
The answer isn't really clear

In a world of lines and pills that where I wanna be
Look at me I am dangerous I lost reality
I look into the mirror babe, I tell you what I see
Is my awful crabface really dirty smiling at me

And sometimes I feel so down and depressed and
What I do is to remember all the past
And my best friend will be the IOU

Cut in the middle

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