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The Dark Ride (2000)

Текст песни с переводом слов Helloween «All Over The Nations» из альбома «The Dark Ride» (2000).

All Over The Nations

I keep wondering all these days
How to thrive the way we stray
A year, a lifetime - parted, together
will be all the same
Many things to make me sad
Some can even drive me mad
Just fear forever
No more endevours
Leave me where I stand

You are here
And make me feel so high
Day by day
Something one can't deny
Lets give each other certainty
All over the nations the tunes come alive
Winners and losers, we're all alike
No matter as truth ain't some great mystery
We all fade into one

Don't you feel too hypnotized
Or keep your future jeopardized
So whats accomplished crying for nothing?
Skip depression now

Come, arise and take me higher
No more lies, and every soul can see
We're incarnate sincerety
All over the nations the tunes come alive

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