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Green Day

Warning (2000)

Текст песни с переводом слов Green Day «Deadbeat Holiday» из альбома «Warning» (2000).

Deadbeat Holiday

Wake up, the house is on fire
And the cat's caught in the dryer
Philosophy's a liar when
Your home is your headstone
Icon is the last chance for hope
When there's no such thing as heroes
Your faith lies in the ditch
That you dug yourself in

Last chance to piss it all away
Nothing but hell to pay
When the lights are going down

Deadbeat holiday, celebrate your own decay
There's a vacant sign that's hanging high
On a noose over your home
Deatbeat holiday, get on your knees and pray
There's a vacant sign that's hanging high
But at least you're not alone

Christmas lights in the middle of August
Grudges come back to haunt us
Your oldest allies
Are your long lost enemies
Grounded in a duplex to find
That you're living on a landmine
Vacation hotspots
Is a cemetary drive

Last chance to piss it all away
Nothing but hell to pay
When all you wanna do
Is not to give up

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