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Three Sides Live (1982)

Текст песни с переводом слов Genesis «Dodo» из альбома «Three Sides Live» (1982).


Too big to fly,
Dodo ugly so dodo must die.
Dog go, with fear on its side;
Can't change, can't change the tide.

Dog baiter, agitator,
Asking questions, says he wants to know why.
Ain't no reason that money can't buy.
Mink, he pretty, so mink he must die,
Must die, must die.

Sun, he giving life in his light,
Part of the system.
Friend to man and friend to the trees,
No friend to the snowman.

Where does he go? What does he do?
Does he meet with the mole, the stream, the cloud,
And end up at the bottom of the sea?

Fish, he got a hook in his throat,
Fish, he got problems.

Where does he go? What does he do?
Does he hope he's too small, to poor a haul,
Who'll end up bein' thrown back in the sea?
I'm back in the sea.

Caretaker, horror movie,
Only one eye, only needs one boot.
Sweet lady, she know she looks good.
Vacuum coming for the bright and the brute.

Big noise, black smoke,
So pig-headed, couldn't see the joke.
But it ain't funny, ask the fly on the wall.
It's only living, it don't matter at all,
At all, at all.

Pimp, he make you drool and grunt,
He got an answer.

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