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The Eagles (1972)

Текст песни с переводом слов Eagles «Chug All Night» из альбома «The Eagles» (1972).

Chug All Night

You scare me a bit,
But that's all right
You know when I want you
Most every night
And I've been meaning to tell
You baby that it makes no sense
Still I'm finally convinced
Yeah yeah
I believe we could chug all night
I believe we could hug all night
The band is loose and the groove
Is right you're so much woman i
Believe we could chug all night
On the day that I die, well
I just might scream
If I'm alive in the morning
Ill be alive in a dream
You better listen to me baby
Cause you know that I'm hung on you
Till I'm blind and black and blue
No one else will do

I do believe we chug all night
I believe we could hug all night
The band is loose and the groove is right
You're so much woman I believe
We could chug all night
No woman ever do what you do
High on a pleasure wheel
No devil ever cast a voodoo
So long and dark and real
We're gonna do a little chugging
We're gonna do a little hugging
The band is loose and the groove is right
I'm wired for sound
Are you wired for light?
And you're so much woman,
I believe we could chug all night
I said a yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah
Woo! it's only midnight baby
Come on and do it to me

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