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Duran Duran

Red carpet massacre (2007)

Текст песни с переводом слов Duran Duran «Red carpet massacre» из альбома «Red carpet massacre» (2007).

Red carpet massacre

Dark sun rose on the ridge cut clear across the sky
As good a day as any to die
No reservation madam
No reason to know why
Running late stiletto heels
Try to loosen up the wheels

You spend your life in preparation for this day
Breathe in the air; it's loaded with fame
Check out those weapons sister before you hit the fray
String of pearls meet bits of gems
Enter the battle of the lenses

Red carpet massacre
Don't want to hassle you
Red carpet massacre
Deathstalk papparazzi yeah
Red carpet massacre
It's going to mess with you
We're in business
You're on the hit list

There's not so many now still standing on their feet
Their knives are out and singing so sweet
Engage with sharper minds that cut you when you meet
Anyplace to mess around
When someone wants to take you down

Maybe you think you're above this
But baby we know that you love it
Baby you know where to shove it
Apply your lipstick
'Fore dying in public

Red carpet massacre
Don't want to hassle you
Red carpet massacre
Deathstalk papparazzi yeah
Red carpet massacre
Don't want to mess with you
Now it's time
Next in line
We're so busted
Done and dusted

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