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Dresden Dolls, the

No, Virginia... (2008)

Текст песни с переводом слов Dresden Dolls, the «Gardener» из альбома «No, Virginia...» (2008).


Sorry for the setback
I know i let you down
Turn back the clocks and step back
And spring might come around

My little miss forgotten
You're quite a stubborn bud
If we cant make you open
We will take it out in blood

We'll make a man out of you yet!
We will plant brambles in your bed!
Just close your eyes and count to ten...
This is as good as it will get

And there's our little willow weeping
A flutter to your knees
They hung two things before me
Oh the possibilities

Thank you for the warning,
But i still see the sun...
A little global warming
Never hurt no one...

We'll make a man out of you yet
A crown of thorns around your head
Get off your knees and have a look
This is as good as it will get...

At last my little flower
Is getting put to use
You've always been a failure
But now you're bearing strange new fruit...

The insides are all useless
But the rest is fertile soil
I'll take the belt from off the hook
And watch the garden grow

We'll make a man out of you yet
You won't know what will hit you next
The gardener's coming to collect
You wanted love that's what you'll get

The gardener's coming to collect
The gardener's coming to collect
The gardener's coming to collect
The gardener's coming to collect
The gardener's coming to collect

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