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Hard candy (2008)

Текст песни с переводом слов Madonna «Voices» из альбома «Hard candy» (2008).


Who is the master? Who is the slave?

Treat me like a curse
then tell me I'm your saviour
I never liked the stranger,
I used to know so well
Waiting for your answer
is a kind of torture
Could I grow accustomed
to this kind of hell?

Are you walking the dog,
'cause that dog isn't new
Are you out of control,
is that dog walking you
Haven't you had enough,
now your time is up
Baby show me your hell

Voices start to ring in your head
Tell me what do they say
Distant echoes from another time
Start to creep in your brain

So you're playing 'round,
it’s like it's a rewind
You blew it so often
that you start to believe it
You have demons
so nobody can blame you
But who is the master
and who is the slave?

First you say you love me
then you wanna leave me
Then you say you're sorry,
you play the game so well
I bought your illusion,
you're the greatest salesman
How could I refuse you
when you sold it to yourself

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