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Demis Roussos

Demis Roussos Greatest Hits (1980)

Текст песни с переводом слов Demis Roussos «My only fascination» из альбома «Demis Roussos Greatest Hits» (1980).

My only fascination

You're my only fascination,
My sweet inspiration,
Everything I hoped to be,
You're the dawn that rises for me,
My summer wind from the sea.

Some lucky day you came my way
And shared my joy and sorrow.
With words so true you colored blue
The clear sky of tomorrow.
I touch your hand and once again
You gently say you need me.
You're more than spring, the love you bring
Is laughter for every day.

You're my only fascination
My sweet inspiration
Everything I hoped to be
You're the dawn that rises for me
My summer wind from the sea
You're my only fascination
My sweet inspiration
You're my tender harmony
If it's rain, it's music I hear
Only because you are near

The words you say in your own way
Can fill my heart with sunshine.
Somehow I know this love will grow
And that you'll always be mine.
The morning dew can talk to you
When you awake each morning.
The friendly wind can stop ang sing
The moment you say hello.

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