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Demis Roussos

Island of love (2000)

Текст песни с переводом слов Demis Roussos «Mammy blue» из альбома «Island of love» (2000).

Mammy blue

I may be your forgotten son
who wandered off at twenty one
it's sad to find myself at home
without you

If I could only hold your hand
and say I'm sorry yes I am
I'm sure you really understand
where are you now.

Oh Mamy oh Mamy - Mamy - blue
Oh Mamy - Blue

The house we shared upon the hill
seems lifeless but it's standing still
and memories of childhood days
fill my mind.

I've seen enough of different lights
seen tired days and lonely nights
and now without you by my side
I'm lost how can I survive.

Oh Mamy oh Mamy - Mamy - blue
Oh Mamy - Blue
Oh Mamy oh Mamy - Mamy - blue
Oh Mamy - Blue

Nobody who takes care of me
who loves me who has time for me
the walls look silent at my face
oh Ma so dead is our place.

The sky is dark the wind is rough
and now I know what I have lost
the house is not a home at all
I'm leaving the future seems so small.

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