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Dave Matthews Band

Live At Red Rocks 8/15/95 (1997)

Текст песни с переводом слов Dave Matthews Band «Two Step (in album Live At Red Rocks 8/15/95)» из альбома «Live At Red Rocks 8/15/95» (1997).

Two Step (in album Live At Red Rocks 8/15/95)

Hey, Helena, I came to you with best intentions
You laid down and gave to me just what I'm seeking
Say, love, watch me now...

You, Helena, you walk into my days
Love, it gives me hope
And this no better have I felt than now, my love
You drive me to distraction...

So, Helena, do you believe that we...
Might last a thousand years, or more if not for this
Our flesh and blooded ties?
You and me right up, tie me down...

Celebrate, we will, 'cause life is short, but sweet for certain/
Hey, we climb on two by two/
To be sure these days continue/
Things we cannot change

Oh, Helena, you walk to me like wine
Comes to this mouth...
Grown tired of water all the time
You quench my heart, and quench my mind

Whoa, Helena, the way in the early hour
Comes back to me
And I know with you there by my side
Well, I'm almost of it
Now, gots in, gots in
Celebrate, oh, celebrate, we will...
'Cause life is short but sweet for certain
Hey, we climb on two by two...
To be sure these days continue...
Things we cannot, right up, right up today
Come on, come on
Celebrate, we will...
To be sure them days continue
God, we climb on two by two
To be sure these days continue...
Things... we... can...not change.

Hey, Helena, I came to you with best intentions
You, laid down and gave to me, just what I'm seeking
Say, love, watch me turn away
In this celebration
Oh, if you climb and wait right here
Turn in celebration
We, oh, mine guess it, would you with me, take my hand

Love, love, shouldn't be far
Fair, now that has gone
It'll be here, now that has gone
And say it again, now
Now that has gone, more than away now
'N' I feel that, yeah-heah...

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