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Dave Matthews Band

Busted Stuff (2002)

Текст песни с переводом слов Dave Matthews Band «Bartender (Old Version)» из альбома «Busted Stuff» (2002).

Bartender (Old Version)

oh now dear, i was thinking
i wish you had taken
your lies eslewhere
dont give them to me

oh my friend, old as you are
how could i trust you
as far as i could throw you,

and to you my love, my prescious baby
if i die be sure i let you near,
but i cant stay with you
take my flesh and eat it up
drink my blood for every pound you can my love

we reconsile
our differences
when i saw god and the devil
walking arm and arm

we reconsiled our
different tastes
when i saw the devil swimming
in the lords swimming pool

so drink this wine
and god forgive him
your fallen angel is doing fine
hes got you under the boards,

oh then god
and his teamate he does
oh how he had given rise
to him what would we care

if there were no judas
and no devil
where would god and his little boy be now
nowhere i swear

and oh it seems,
and it seems extreme
when all we do
is reconsile our differences here

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