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Craig David

Slicker than your average (2002)

Текст песни с переводом слов Craig David «Slicker Than Your Average» из альбома «Slicker than your average» (2002).

Slicker Than Your Average

Yo Craig (yeah)
There's some real jealous people out there right (uh huh)
Tryin' to say how you're whack (what)
How your music's soft (what)
And you ain't got nothin' to say (what)

Well it's album number two right
So you gotta let 'em know (that's right)
So do your thing (yeah)
Take your time (yeah)
Speak your mind (listen)

Ever since I first stepped up
They thought I wasn't good enough, no
They told me that I'd only last one song
(That's foolish man - what's it like now? 7 million albums?)
They said that I wasn't from the streets (the streets)
When I was working behind boxes
Shit like this don't happen overnight, no no

While they're tellin' me
About my imagery

How I'm so squeaky clean
Whenever I'm on TV

Too much jealousy
In the industry

Why are you watching me
When you should just let me be (Craig)

Slicker than your average
Tell me what do you want from me
Slicker than your average
Tell me what do you want from me
Slicker than your average, hey
Tell me what do you want from me
Slicker than your average
Ooh tell me what you want from me

Some people say it's been too long
That's why I'm here to prove them all wrong
So why do imitators wanna bite my style
(Ladies and gentlemen, the real Craig David please stand up)
You never had a problem at home
When I was havin' woman trouble
Somebody fill me in when I serve my time
Remember who gave you rewind

While they're tellin' me
That I'm too R'n'B

How I turned right back up
The whole uk garage scene

Then they stress me
No matter we have much more to see

Why are you watching me
When you should just let me be (Craig)


Everywhere that I go (everywhere that I go)
They keep stopping my flow (they keep stopping my flow)
Everywhere that I go (everywhere that I go)
They keep stopping my flow
Check it

There comes a time (there comes a time)
When you've gotta take a step to do what's right
(As much as T like T can't possibly please everyone)

Slicker than your average
Single surfin' gap bridge
Busy tryin' to slam me cos I smashed it
Well they don't understand us
I'm hittin' I'm established
While takin' british music to the masses
The gold diggers go bananas
The same ones that didn't show me no love
When I was cashless
In the day when it really mattered
When I was pennin' competition no publishin' hits for damage (Craig)
Now the gold go to me so minimal
I'm involved in the platinum plaques and records sold
Heaven knows that I got a producer with ego
And there were those that were told exactly where to go
Somebody please stop these little kids
The one that pulled bumpers off me to assist
Shoutin' outside of the block I used to live
They don't like my records so why listen to this


Everywhere that I go
(They be tellin' me that I can't rock the show)
They keep stopping my flow
(Freakin' schemin' and schemin' tryin' to mess up my flow)
Everywhere that I go
(I wanna tell the world and let them know)
They keep stopping my flow
(So tell me what you want from me)
Every way that I go (oh ho oh ho oh yeah)
They keep stopping my flow
(Don't listen to 'em)
Everywhere that I go
(Dum dum)
They keep stopping my flow
(Let 'em know, yo, we out)

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