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Craig David

Born to do it (2001)

Текст песни с переводом слов Craig David «Key To My Heart» из альбома «Born to do it» (2001).

Key To My Heart

It's how we do it one time

Blowin my mind
Please don't you decline
Ain't lyin
Baby be mine
(repeat x3 )
Craig david
Kwame Paul
It's another one
I'ts your call

Lonely hours
Lonely days
Never meant to drive you away from me
I should've listened to you lady
And what you had to say
If only
I never knew how much you feel for somebody after
you've let them go,
Let them go
And you find out that it's too late to let your
feelings show,
Feelings show
And even though i've done you so wrong
Don't you know
Like i know,ooh baby

You see you've got the key to my heart, girl
Unlock me and take all my feelings apart
Cause when you said you had to leave
Had to go away, you closed the door on me
You threw away the key

Starting over, i'm feelin down
Still can't believe that you're not around
I should have been there for you baby
But now i'm crying on this melody tonight
I didn't realize that there's no other remedy to
numb this pain,
Numb this pain
But if you come back in my life then maybe i can start to
live again,
Live again
And even though you're being so strong
Don't you know
Like i know,
Ooh baby

And every day and night i'm thinkin' bout you constantly
Now i know for sure how much you really mean to me
Sometimes i get a rush
And i see, how we were meant be
(chorus repeat x 2)

It's how we do it one time
Blowin my mind
Please don't you decline
Ain't lyin
Baby be mine
(repeat x 3)
Craig david
Kwame Paul
It's another one.
For all y'all

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