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Use Your Brain (1995)

Текст песни с переводом слов Clawfinger «Waste My Time» из альбома «Use Your Brain» (1995).

Waste My Time

From the white man's mouth and the white man's tongue
There's been hundreds of years of diabolical dung
So much prejudice piss has been trickling down
And I can smell the shit coming from miles around

You're so full of shit you're out of your mind
What the fuck is wrong don't waste my time
Waste my time

I'm not white I'm punk the but colour of my face
Represents a fucking farce called the superior face
White power bullshit I'll wipe my pink fucking ass
With your swastika flag cos it belongs to the past
You want me to believe that dark skin is a sin
Well wake up it's 95 where the fuck have you been
What are you trying to achieve with your racist crap
That shit's coming out the crack from the bottom of your back

You're so full of shit you're out of your mind
What the fuck is wrong don't waste my time
Waste my time

You are making me sick with your pathetic ricks
You try to tell me different colours don't mix

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