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Cannibal Corpse

Gallery Of Suicide (1998)

Текст песни с переводом слов Cannibal Corpse «Chambers Of Blood» из альбома «Gallery Of Suicide» (1998).

Chambers Of Blood

Music, Lyrics: Webster

Deathless sin
Led to the place of atonement
Repent through pain
Slicing off proof of guilt
Immoral lust
Blood carving torturers revel
Pain through penance
You will plead for your scourge
Burnt with iron
Retinas scorched
Eyes are blind
Purge the mind
Enter the chambers of blood
Slave to the cruelty inside
Die in the chambers of blood
Cleansed of the sins of your life...bleeding
Immortal curse
Inquisitors for eternity
Scourging to learn
The stamina of the condemned
Torn apart
Heaving lungs
Severed tongues
Never to speak evil, never again
This is the way it must be
Burnt at the stake or
Stretched on the rack
Burning your soul
Draw out your guilt
Pieces torn off
Pieces that sinned
Tumours that must be destroyed
Chop off a cock or carve out a cunt
Cleansing your soul, bleed to atone
Enter the chambers of blood
Slave to the cruelty inside
Die in the chambers of blood
Cleansed of the sins of your life
Bleed on it's infernal walls
Nailed to the prison you made
Scraps of flesh litter the halls

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