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Bryan Adams

Sweeney Todd (1977)

Текст песни с переводом слов Bryan Adams «No. 5243605 Smith» из альбома «Sweeney Todd» (1977).

No. 5243605 Smith

Words and music by Gaudin and Shear

Stone cold cell
Raised from hell
Holdin’ me
For first degree
One more morn
For calm, for dawn
You shall see
They’ll come for me

I confessed
I’ve been blessed
All I need is one last request

I’ll only get up in the morning
Tearin’ down the songs
Hearing the radio
Blarin’, darin’, dancin’ vigorly down the hall
We’ll get in the do, I did it
Shoo-bee-doo’s and all
Give us the grass around to tumble down
That gobbles our way, rock’n’roll
I wanna get up in the morning
Tearin’ down the walls
I’ve got to face my music
‘Fore I face my lord

To think this is over
A crazy kind of show
Can’t any of you tell me
Is there a better way to go?
Oh no!

Now’s the time
I’ll be fine
Here’s my music one more time

I’ll be here in the early morning
Tearin’ down the song
Knockin’ the radio
Blarin’, darin’, dancin’ vigorly down the hall
I’ll get in the do, “I did it”
Shoo-bee-doo’s and all
Watchin’ the grass around
A rollin’ round to good old passion rock’n’roll
I’ll be here in the early morning
Tearin’ down these walls

The music played and I must say I really had a ball
And now I guess I gotta go and meet those odd people down the hall

I don’t wanna go this way
Though I know I’ve gotta pay
Would it change things anyway
If I said I’d like to stay?
What da ya say?

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