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Bruce Springsteen

Magic (2007)

Текст песни с переводом слов Bruce Springsteen «Homecoming» из альбома «Magic» (2007).


(wrong head,brought up and pass em down
cuz lately been a lot a bullshyt goin down
alot a soldiers aint make it through this year
so lets just celebrate that we still here
whoooooa,never leave me alone,
tell em holla at ya,boiiiiiiiii cuz i'll be comin home
i'll be comin home
whooooooooa neva leave me alone,
tell em holla at ya,boiiiiiiiii cuz i'll be comin home
i'll be comin)

my homie call me like wutup man
nat from florida but wutup fam
its been a whole lot of hatin again
and if they hatin on me then wutup then
i met this girl when i was three years old
and wut i loved most she had so much soul
she said excuse me little homie i know u dont kno me
but my name is wendy and uh i like to blow trees
and from that point i neva blow her off
my cuzins come from outta town i like to show her off
they like to act tuff
she like to tow em off
and make em straighten up they act
cuz she kno they soft
and when i got older she showed me how to go downtown

and at nite time my face lite up so astounding
and i told her in my heart is where she always be
she neva fuck wit entertainers cuz they always leave
she said if i really care for her
i wouldnt really have to hit the airport
and follow my dreams
sumtimes i still talk to her
but when i talk to her
it always seems like she talkin bout me
she said u left ya kids
and they just like you
they ran out,start makin soulbeats just like you
but kanye aint just nat you
its funny cuz me and linen just got thru
talkin bout what nick is doin just nat new


(voice singin tille end)

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